Driving School

The driving school even for those who thought they’d never be able to drive a car

International Driving School of Prague with an experienced instructor. For nearly 15 years, we've been teaching and sharing our experiences with English speakers from around the world in Prague. Detailed explanations of all traffic situations, including classroom theory lessons. Choose from an air conditioned Ford Focus with a manual transmission or a Ford Mondeo with an automatic transmission. Fair prices, a professional approach, and expert preparation for the final exam. The English language textbook includes all 850 of the questions that the written exam is drawn from.

Want to become a good driver? Then learn to anticipate the small - and not-so-small - mistakes that other drivers make.

The same instructor and the same car throughout your training and during your final driving test.

Leave your fears and worries behind... Drive a car with peace of mind!

Vozy Ford Mondeo Autoškoly Petra Sima
Telefon: 724087862
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